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The Cyber Games Warm-up 2017

The Cyber Games Warm-up, 2017

First place with team SHAttered on the "Warm-up" contest organized by The Cyber Games,
November 10, 2017

On November 10th, I participated in the national computer security competition "Warm-up" organized by The Cyber Games as part of the SHAttered student team consisting of Milen Ferev, Ivan Nikolov, Stefan Genchev, and myself, trained by Konstantin Delchev. We competed against professional system administrators and university students and managed to take the first place with a significant lead. I am really happy with this achievement and delighted from the team work and expect to continue to be part of this team in future similar competitions.

The Honors Students of Bulgaria 2017

The Honors Students of Bulgaria, 2017

Awarded as a student with high academic distinctions in Mathematics and Computer Science,
October 31, 2017

On October 31st, I participated in the national award ceremony of the "The Honors Students of Bulgaria" campaign and was awarded myself with such distinction. I am glad that newspaper "24 Chasa" organized this initiative to popularize the achievements of the young talents of Bulgaria. I hope in the future their achievements will increase and make our small country a notable participant in olympiads.

John Atanasoff Award 2017

John Atanasoff Presidential Award, 2017

John Atanasoff - excellent debut in Computer Science distinction,
October 10, 2017

On October 10th, I received the national distinction John Atanasoff - excellent debut in Computer Science for my research work and achievements on scientific conferences during the year 2016/2017. I would like to thank the jury for recognizing my efforts and I promise I will continue developing in this sphere and contributing to the Computer Science community in Bulgaria.

RSI Group Photo

RSI 2017

Participation in the Research Science Institute 2017,
August 7, 2017

From June 24th to August 7th, 2017, I took part in the Research Science Institute (RSI) as one of the two representatives from Bulgaria. RSI is a specialized summer program for overachieving STEM students throughout the world supported and hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Each year 80 students (50 domestic and 30 international) go through a highly selective process in order to be qualified for the program. This year was the 34th edition of the program. There I got the opportunity to work on one of the most challenging problesm in deep learning under the guidance of Li Jing, a Ph.D. student in the MIT Physics Department and research assistant from Prof. Soljacic's research group. The research I conducted was concerned with improving the implementation of an existing model for a unitary recurrent neural network. In addition, I tested my improved implementation on the real-life problem of automatic text understanding addressed by the bAbI tasks dataset and surpassed in accuracy the current State-of-the-Art model. Further information about the research and the implementation you can find here.

John Atanasoff Award 2016

John Atanasoff Presidential Award, 2016

John Atanasoff - students and their teachers distinction with my mentor Dr. Emil Kelevedjiev,
October 5, 2016

On October 5th, I received the national distinction John Atanasoff - students and their teachers with my mentor Dr. Emil Kelevedjiev, Chief Assistant at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, for my work and achievements in competitive programming and my current research work. I want to express my gratitude to the jury for rewarding my efforts and to all the people in addition to Dr. Kelevedjiev who stand behind all the achievements and supported my work.

Ivan Ivanov

Hi! I am Ivan Ivanov, a 18 year old student, graduated from the American College of Sofia. I have been particularly interested technology and Computer Science in general. Below, you can find projects which I have developed in the field. Feel free to use the applications and I would appreciate if you provide some feedback in return. My contacts are listed below and I hope you enjoyed visiting!


  • EasyLeave
    A web application written in Spring Boot for managing leaves in a software company.
  • Texas Instruments TI SensorTag SAP Cloud Integration
    An integration of the SAP Hana Cloud platform in the mobile Texas Instruments SensorTag application for Android using the SimpleLink CC2650. View source
  • Research
  • Maker
  • Additional, smaller-scale projects can be found in my GitHub account located here.